The 39 Steps in New Constructive Design for Creative Leatherwork

Thirtynine years ago I began making leather stamps. The first were chrome plated metal, 237 designs. Then came the Kelly Embossing Punches in hardened steel for metals such as copper, brass, and silver. These were followed by the BossButtons and Carvertools made from glass fibre reinforced nylon. These 'plastic' tools are still in use today in many countries. Then came the MIDAS gilt-plated metal range of 232 tools numbered 101 to 333, followed by a range of carving tools with numbers ranging from 504 thru 804. All were gilt-plated with the herring bone handle stamping unique to Kelly Midas Tools. 30 years later enthusiasts and collectors are still chasing these tools worldwide.

In 1979 as a member of The Leathercraft Guild USA, I was asked to produce the Guild Insignia as a leather stamp. This tool was stamped 'Kelly Tool Co New Zealand MIDAS 100'.

No more new designs were made by Kelly Tool Company in New Zealand after 1981.

the 39 new limited-release leather stamping tools by Noel Kelly
Above: The 39 new limited-release leather stamping tools, crafted by Noel Kelly, Kelly Midas Classics, New Zealand 2011.

I have proudly created a new range of distinctive tools compatible with the original Midas range. Much passion and research has gone into the creation of these stamping tools which should appeal to both enthusiasts and collectors alike.

I have hand-finished each tool with the craftmanship gained over 50 years. Each tool is individually prepared to provide the best visual stamping facility, and is identified by the sure-grip herring bone handle stamping of my original Midas tools.

kelly midas classics engraved on each tool
This is a limited edition of 250 of each of the 39 designs, stamped with...
A great collectors investment.

Each tool is engraved with its design number plus an individual tool number e.g. each tool is stamped with an individual tool number

I have provided a potential design configuration for each design or pair – see my Design Configurations page.
The possibilities of different combinations are limitless.

black and white diagram showing the 39 new limited-release leather stamping tools by Noel Kelly
Above: The numbering of the 39 new leather stamp designs

a photo of leather stamped with each of the 39 new limited-release leather stamps by Noel Kelly
Above: Leather stamped with the new Kelly Midas Classic leather stamps


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